Emseal Products and Systems

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Emseal Joint Sealing Products and Systems

Review the full range of Emseal Movement Joint Systems and find the right solutions for use on your projects. This includes systems for horizontal and vertical joints and connections on both external and internal walls, basement slabs and roof structures - wherever you need a secure, durable, watertight solution that is also quick and easy to install.

The following is a summary of some of the most widely used Emseal products and systems for the UK market todate:


I. Vertical Wide and/or High Movement Expansion Joints:
Emseal® Colorseal® Emshield® WFR
II. Horizontal Wide and/or High Movement Expansion Joints:
Emshield® DSM System Emseal® BEJS System Emseal® SJS System Emshield® DFR Emseal® Thermaflex® Emseal® QuietJoint® Emseal® RoofJoint® Emseal® Submerseal® Emseal® SecuritySeal® Emseal® Emcrete® Mortar System